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News Corruption in the Gov

  1. Sep 5, 2003 #1
    http://www.ajc.com/business/content/business/0903/03southern.html?urac=n&urvf=10627878396970.43001185796167174 [Broken]
    http://www.capitaleye.org/inside.asp?ID=85 [Broken]

    These sorts of things should be transparent to people (especially the Pemberton one)...These administrators are in the hands of those that they are supposed to be regulating.

    Such corruption is a horrible detriment to the people and the government. What can be done to combat the corruption.?
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    ****, if you think those examples are bad google Halliburton.
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    Yeah, I've known about the cheney ridiculously-obvious conspiracy for a while now. Obviously, the Richard Wiley thing had nothing to do with this administration, but I see a very strong pattern of corruption in this admin.
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    Don't forget about the recent blatantly commercial use of the D.C. Mall including Brittney spears, Pepsi, and NFL football promotion by the President.
    "Are you ready for some football?" he asks. The purpose of the Mall is
    according to its French Architect.
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