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Corses on vector and principale bundles and spinorielle geometry

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    Good morning,
    Can you help me to find a corses on vector and principale bundles and spinorielle geometry :rolleyes:
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    Google on "Holonomy groups in differential geometry" or "spinor geometry" and you will find a lot of information.

    Course titles may or may include "holonomy" or "spinor" depending on how specific the topic.

    Which country did you have in mind? In the US, try math departments at Harvard, Princenton, Caltech, to name a few.

    Also, check the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences for references and who is doing what in the field.
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    I'm from Lebanon
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    Courses in vector or principal bundles and spinor geometry

    Here are some ideas - but you will have to contact each institution - from Lebanon, Europe might be your best option. There is also the American University in Beirut or German Institute in Cairo.

    http://edge.imada.sdu.dk/ [Broken] - European Differential Geometry Endeavor

    http://www.maths.cam.ac.uk/faculty.html - Mathematics at Cambridge

    http://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/ - Mathematics at Oxford

    http://www.leiden.edu/index.php3?m=3&c=357 [Broken] - University of Leiden
    Geometry and Topology

    http://wwwlb.aub.edu.lb/~webfas/academic_units/departments.html [Broken] - American University in Beirut

    http://wwwlb.aub.edu.lb/~webfas/academic_units/departments.html [Broken] - Universtität Stuttgart, Institut für Geometrie und Topologie

    http://www.science.ankara.edu.tr/mathemathics/eng.htm [Broken] - University of Ankara (Turkey) Mathematics Department-

    I would suggest that you read some mathematics journals to see who is publishing in the areas of interest and then contact the author or university for a recommendation.

    Many US, European and Asian universities with Science (and Mathematics) departments will probably have a course in geometry and/or topology - which these days may include spinor geometry.
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