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Cory Keller

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    Hey I'm Cory and I'm just your everyday physics layman. I don't have any training in physics, but have been a fan of all of it since i was younger. I enjoy watching documentaries about physics and try to pay attention to new developments. Big fan of NASA's warp drive. I love the concept of space travel and planetary colonization. Recently I've had more philosophical concepts, but don't have the science to back it with. So I decided to come to the professionals, and as well to maybe bounce some ideas around. Also I would love to hear some of what you guys got bouncing around in those big brains.I do not watch Big Bang Theory.

    Alright, yeah I do.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Unfortunately you have come to the wrong place if you want to talk about personal theories or philosophical questions. We generally do not allow those here at PF since they essentially never lead to a useful conversation and tend to attract crackpots like gravity attracts falling vases. But, if you want to learn about mainstream science, feel free to stay and to ask questions about it. You can find more information at the PF Terms and Rules page.
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