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Cosine Rule

  1. Jun 3, 2007 #1
    Hi, I recall that when you use the cosine rule you can sometimes come out with 2 answers (somthing to do with cos graph?). I cant qutie remeber and I've looked through my books and I cant find it. I can use the rule to calculate one side or angle, but when do you get 2 answers? Can someone please explain.

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    I think its called the "Ambiguous case". Not 100% sure though.
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    Thanks but I just checked and that's with sin rule :(
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    Oh ok, my mistake then. Guess it was worth a shot anyway :P
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    you're actually right, I made the mistake thinking it was with cosine! I accidently came accross an webpage a few miutes ago when searching for some other maths stuff. It was a good guess :surprised

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