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Cosmic inflation - inflatons?

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    If the hot Big-Bang model is accurate (and seems like it is), could cosmic inflation (maybe a further extension) explain why the universe is accelerating or will we have to retreat to extra-dimensions (superstring theory and leaking gravity)?

    There are other problems with this theory of course (as in most others). E.g, the present universe has much lower energy than cosmic inflation predicts. Also the theory predicts an unknown particle called ''inflaton''. Does it have anything to do with proton decay (which is not consistent with experiments)?

    So the best candidates are:

    1. Dark energy
    2. Superstring theory (extra-dimensions and leaking gravity)
    3. Cosmic inflation (which also predicts the inflaton scalar field)

    2000 years ago the Greeks asked what the universe is made of. Seems like today we are not much different from them. We are now the ancients and it will probably take us another 2000 years (if not more) to fully anwer their question.

    Edit: See also Introductory review of cosmic inflation
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    So, do you think you have a better answer than the 'mainstream' solution?
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    True, i don't. Today, no one on earth is smart enough to offer a better answer to this kind of questions.
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