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Cosmic particles result in lightning

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    i recently read and article say 2 months ago in the ottawa sun but my memory is fuzzy and i did not get to finish the article
    im not sure if this has been discussed on here or not and if this is the correst palce to post this but
    a sceintest was claiming that our understanding of that we wer taught in school was incorrect and that lightin was caused by cosmic particles or solar flares sumting fo that nature slamming into thunderclouds, i havnt been able to find the article again, if any one has any information or opinions on this theroy let me know because it really cought my attention
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    damnit i dont have a subscription o well
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    There was also an article about it in Scientific American a few months ago. Your local library or college might have a copy.
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    You can do a google for "sprites", this is what mega-lightning has been called,here is a link that has some interesting aspects to the phenonema:
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