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Cosmic ray detector help

  1. May 25, 2012 #1
    I have built a cosmic ray detector using the approach that was giving Bob Pease http://portal.national.com/rap/Story/0,1562,4,00.html [Broken] , “What’s All This Teflon Stuff, Anyhow?” trouble measuring operational amplifier bias current.

    I would like to publish an article on this new approach, but first would like to discuss the new approach with a cosmic ray expert to see if it is actually new or something that has been done before.

    Are any of you cosmic ray experts or know someone who is?
    The ideal expert would have majored in cosmic rays in college and would live close enough to Newark CA. that a conference could be arranged.
    There is probable no ideal expert, so if you are an expert on cosmic rays and willing to help, please send your Email address. (Click on Carl Pugh)

    Carl Pugh
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