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Cosmic ray fluxes?

  1. Feb 1, 2007 #1

    I know these cosmic ray flux rates on Earth:
    10^{16} eV: the arrival rate is one particle per square meter per year.
    10^{19} eV: the arrival rate is one particle per square kilometer per year.
    10^{20} eV: the arrival rate is one particle per square kilometer per century.

    What are the flux rates of
    a) 10^{17} eV showers?
    b) 10^{18} eV showers?
    a) 10^{21} eV showers?

    Thank you!
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    Hello! Anyone out there?
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    Look up the review article by Simpson entitled "Elemental and Isotopic Composition of Galactic Cosmic Rays" Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 1983, 33 (323-81)

    or the book by TK Gaisser "Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics."

    I just don't have time to search through them and convert them to the units you are interested in.
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    Ok. Thanks!
  6. Feb 6, 2007 #5
    Can someone send me this? I do not have access, although I use the Jyväskylä University internet connection.

    My email address is henri(dot)heinonen(at)mbnet(dot)fi.
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  7. Feb 6, 2007 #6
    Your library has a copy of the journal. (you can find it here:Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science) I don't speak whatever language that is (Finnish?) but that is the correct journal as far as I can tell.

    Go to library and ask for the correct volume and they will find it for you I am sure. Your library probably doesn't have a electronic subscription.

    (Note: In general it is not a good idea to ask people to send you copyrighted material over the internet.)
  8. Feb 7, 2007 #7
    Yes, that is Finnish.

    Ok. Thanks!
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