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Cosmic Ray Observatory

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    this site shows a headline but no script, it may be a
    temp fault, can you give any info as to what this is about?
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    A new cosmic ray observatory being built in Utah - 'the Telescope Array'. Works on the same principle as many others already built (e.g. Fly Eye), Cherenkov radiation* emitted by the charged particle rays as they encounter a medium where the speed of light is slower than the one they were in (atmosphere vs space). They're looking for CRs beyond the GKZ limit*, and to do that you need a huge array. Will take four years to build. There's been limited data to date on whether there are CRs beyond the GKZ.

    For more on the whole area of high-energy astrophysics, see the Stecker paper (it's in another thread somewhere here - really interesting stuff!)

    Cherenkov: http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/CherenkovRadiation.html
    GKZ limit: http://www.phys.washington.edu/~walta/importance.html
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