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Cosmic Recombination

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    There are many recombination processes:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recombination

    but specifically in cosmology the process deals with the Electron attaching itself around Nuclei to form atomic structure's?

    Previous to this moment, electrons were spread out at vast distances through space, it has been said that Electron Density was such that, all electrons were external to matter, and thus the Universe was in a low-energy state( electrons were not available/in atomic shells, to photons for absorbing and emmiting radiant energy), with free-Electrons roaming around.

    What caused the 'instant' attraction of Electrons to Nuclei, was it Charge?..if so then the Nuclei must have had an enormous Positive Charge, that attracted the Negative Electrons into/onto shell orbits?

    Iam looking for some info on the Free Electrons during this period, should this be electrons that are Neutral?..if so does this mean that the free electrons were coupled with free anti-electrons?..in order to have neutral electrons, something must have balanced the Charge, could this have been Positron infusion?


    I want to know if the Positrons played any part in this period of Early epoch of the Universe recombination period, if so is there any connection to the Positron Halo that has been detected around our Galactic core?..is this evidence of some Polarization directional infusion?

    Hope there is someone out there who can give me info on the best data that deals with this time, thanks.
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    Before of recombination electrons and protons attracted each other, but the photons were energetic enough to dissociate any formed atom of neutral hydrogen (one electron and one proton). The electrons were free and in thermal equilibrium, interacting via Compton (or Thomson) scattering with the photons.

    As far as I know, positrons did not play any role at recombination. All antimatter created during baryogenesis (at the very beginning) was annihilated immediately afterwards, leaving matter and lots of photons (which formed the cosmic radiation background).

    The link you provide there is a bit misleading as it describes the effects of reionization (a long process after recombination) in the polarization of the CMB. May be you can start here to find information about the CMB: http://background.uchicago.edu/~whu/
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