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Cosmic Strings

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    I have reading about cosmic strings and have some questions about them, are they in any way related to other dimensions even though they are one dimensional? Also do they have anything to do with gravitons and the cause of gravity?
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    No, they are simply topological defects that have only 1 dimension. By dimension we mean the mathematical dimensions, like the XYZ axis on a graph. A cosmic string would be a defect running in 1 dimension, so it would have length but no width or height. (The wiki article says it would have a diameter of about 1 femtometer, which is about the diameter of a proton, so it may or may not be actually 1 dimensional, but for all intents and purposes it can be considered 1d)

    They are not related to gravitation, although they would manifest as mass, and would therefore be a source of gravitation like all mass and energy are.

    But all that is my interpretation of what the wiki article says, so I can't guarantee that it is accurate.
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    The paper was helpful and interesting so thank you, I saw as I was reading it, it might be possible to locate the strings theoretically in the real world. Besides what is in the paper would any of you guys know how this could be done.
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