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Cosmic Strings

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    A while back I created a web page to describe an infinetly long straight cosmic string.


    Does anyone know if an exact solution for such a string has been fount. The result in that page is based on a paper which seems to have been only a weak field solution.

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    Threads and theoretics.

    One requires a point of termination or terminating force obviously the residual of a terminating force will provide theoretical threads.

    Hairs on a plant are consistent with the terminating force of its existence.

    Force is evidently descending forming and terminating with infinite potentials and there are the theoretics of formation. Naturally the human nervous system and lymph system function due to these universal threads.

    This is a partial interpretation of a thesis I have written.

    Take good care.
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    Yes, David Waite claims to have solved it. Problem 11.1.7 at the link seems to be the more general of his solutions.
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