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Cosmic structures buildup?

  1. Feb 21, 2004 #1
    I found a very interesting theory claiming that the universe is one interaction that self-reproduces self-similarly at scales of its own like a form of life. The created multiscale sources of interaction build the lumpy structures of the universe at every scale. This theory of interaction, suggested from the physicist Eugene Savov, offers simple explanations to the discovery of iron in the most distant quasars, the existence of galaxies at the fringes of the observable universe and many other big puzzles of the ambient and distant space and the micro world. The “firework universe” revealed in the theory of interaction is consistent with the puzzling observations of galaxies as most distant objects in the accessible universe.

    One interaction occurs at different scales and its outcomes build the cosmic and micro structures.

    I cannot figure out why and if the universe could work otherwise?
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