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Cosmic Timeline

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    Cool link.. thumbs down on the green background though. Look away after reading and see red.. lots of red.. ;)
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    Bookmarked. I had to copy/paste all the text though.. TFS! :cool:
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    Yeah, the formatting is awful.

    What somebody needs to do is put this whole thing to animation and narration. Kinda like that "life after people" show but less cheesy.

    It was written by my latest idol, Jonathon Vos Post, dubbed by one blogger to be the greatest nerd of all time. (http://www.jimwestergren.com/greatest-nerd-of-all-times-jonathan-vos-post/).

    Despite his list of accomplishments, "Web design" is not among them.

    Anyway, this is great cosmic stuff to think about.

    -Dave K
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    Thanks for sharing Dave!
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