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Cosmic Web Discovered ?

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    ... I read this article and I have a few questions for the experts.

    Wouldn't this change the 4-6% atoms, 25-28% DM, 70x% DE model of cosmology? .. or are the some how including the "web" matter in this? If it does in fact change the "accepted" breakdown of the universe, wouldn't this be a huge find?

    I know in the article it states this is not to be confused with dark matter, but wouldn't this "web" then also extend though out the internal structure of a given galaxy? .. and play a part in the additional gravity that galaxies need? .. or maybe I'm just confused ..

    .. or will this be refuted in a few weeks / months..?
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    hmm the article seems to confuse so very different concepts, it's hard to see the science behind the pop sci? Anyone know the journal article this is based on?

    Edit: Okay found it, http://arxiv.org/abs/0709.4030" [Broken] is the eprint. After a quick skim I can answer the OP, what this work is aimed at doing is finding the missing baryons, which are still part of the standard ~4% but aren't easily seen. That is to say, much of the 4% of baryons is difficult to see, due to the form it is in, in addition to the vast amounts of invisible dark matter. Short answer then is that this result supports the standard energy budget breakup rather than changing it.
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    Thanks for clearing that up Wallace.. your expertise is appreciated. :)
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