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I Cosmological Paramaters

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    Cosmological paramaters in the cold dark matter Lamda concordance model.

    I have been trying to find the most
    uptodate values for Ho , Ohmega m and Ohmega Lamgad

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I might find the most reliably, widely accepted values for these values that are currently known?

    The textbook I am using was published in 2010 gives: Ho 72 kms^-1Mpc^-1 Ohmega Lamda 0.742. Ohmega m 0.358 (this includes all contributions from baryonic matter and dark matter etc.). I found though a more recent paper which seemed to be giving a lower value of about 69 for Ho and slightly different values for the other paramaters. So like I say, is there somewhere where I can find the most accepted values known today?
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    Try google with the name of the parameters
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    2015 PLANCK data release is the most recent, I believe:

    It's not the matter of what's accepted, but of increasing accuracy.
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    Thanks. So it is accepted then the Planck data is the most accurate to date? The reason I ask this is because I had been wading through so much, which is why I was using the word accepted, meaning the it is not contested that the Planck data is the most accurate. Any way I will use this data - thanks
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