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Cosmological relativity theories

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    If a galaxy is 1 billion light year far from us and if for us big bang
    did happen 13 billion years ago then when it did happen for that galaxy ?

    Pure guess will predict the answer 12 billion years, but what the observer on that galaxy will say about us ? will not he predict that we are close to big bang by one year ? just the opposite of what we predict here. Who is right ?

    A new theory named 'cosmological theory of relativity' has been proposed.
    read this here


    Before saying that looking deep in space is identical to looking back in time make sure what time you are talking about.

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    Try this link and play with the calculator
    http://www.earth.uni.edu/~morgan/ajjar/Cosmology/cosmos.html [Broken]
    It incorporates relativistic corrections and illustrates why light emitted by now distant objects took so long to reach us. I am familiar with Carmeli's papers. He is a bit of a maverick. That is not a bad thing. His papers are interesting, just not yet well supported by observational evidence.
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    astro-ph/0411180 says that in Cosmological General Relativity (CGR), gravitation is described by a curved four-dimensional Riemannian spacevelocity. i never heard before the term spacevelocity, and is not defined in the paper. Probably is an idea of Carmeli coming from previous papers
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    Has there been any progress with these theories over the past few years?
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