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Cosmologist; Some help

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    Well, I really want to become a cosmologist, I just have a small problem, I dont really know how to begin, I understand I need a doctoral degree in physics later on, I'm just at a loss of where to start.

    If anyone can give me a few ideas of starting courses etc, it would be great, and much appreciated!

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    What stage of your education are you at? The first step would be to obtain a bachelor's degree in either physics or maths before thinking about doctoral studies.
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    Well, I'll just be leaving high school in a few months, so I'm just beginers level, nothing major, and which would be best for me to take? would both be too long? Thanks for the help

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    A BSc in physics would be the most useful, and choose it at a university with lots of space related courses. Some even have an astrophysics specialization. To get into the job, you will need a PhD, but you will have lots of time to decide what you want to do it on while you are studying. Just make sure you get the best grades you can, and study physics at the best university you can. Not saying that you won't be able to become one from a small town university, but while you can still change your grades, you might as well aim for the best.
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