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Cosmology books

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    I am searching for a complete and extensive reference (or a reference set) about cosmology. It should be up to date and, if possible, with not too much formulas without proofs. It seams there are two classical books:

    Principles of Physical Cosmology, Peebles.
    Cosmological Physics, Peacock.

    But the review comments in amazon are not very enthusiastic. Does anyone know these or other books?

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    I've used both Peacock and Peebles. While Cosmological Physics is a good book on Cosmology, the sections on GR and QFT aren't all that great and you'd be best to look elsewhere. They have a serious 'skimmed over' feel to them. I'd say Peebles is the stronger of the two.

    I've heard good things about volume 3 of Padnamabhan's 'Theoretical Astrophysics', but not personally got around to reading it.
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