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Cosmology, Newsweek-style

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    There I said it. I was distracted just now at the library by this week's Newsweek cover, subheadline "Our changing view of the universe..." Of course our understanding of the cosmos has been jolted in recent times, and it's obvious what I'm talking about - a professional society has re-named a chunk of rock.

    Incredibly, there is the famous http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:060821_darkmatter.jpg [Broken] image on p.46 - completely without proper attribution!! The caption merely says, "Hubble telescope Image of Deep Space", no word of explanation on what the subject is, why we're looking at it, or even that the prominent feature in the image is in fact, drawn in by computer. :bugeye: (I wonder how many readers will think it's some sort of multicolor nebula? :uhh: ) There is no justifiation anywhere for putting in this half-page photo in an article about Pluto/134340. There is only one mention of dark matter, a one-sentence remark at the very end of the article. Followed by the author's opinionation of why it's comparatively not that important: "You don't have to be an astronomer, or an astologer, for that matter, to feel a special kinship to the planets..."

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    Here is how the brilliant journalist concludes that dark matter is of little importance (after one sentence explains what it is, e.g. "it's invisible"):

    Yes, this is all about astrology and feelings.

    Ending on this gem:
    Let's hope they don't rename earth as an asteroid, thus flinging all of humanity into zero-gravity.
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    :grumpy: ...
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    Write the editor.
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