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Cosmos-Carl Sagan

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    I've recently purchased "Cosmos" by the late Carl Sagan. Has anyone over here read it, if so tell me how is it?
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    It was actually an introductory astronomy course I took a while back that was based on the book, study guide, and video series. Of course I aced the class because I saw the series when it first came out. The book is not a bad read but I would highly recommend that you get the study guide and the video series. They will fill you in on a lot more details than are in the book. The videos are really the centerpiece of his work. The video series is excellent and the study guide has a lot of interesting articles. Enjoy!
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    I found the book to be a nice read. I am surprised that it would be used as a text book, but perhaps that is why you need the suplementary materials. Quit talking and start reading.
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    Tell me about it, when I signed up I thought it was going to be an astronomy course but it turned out to be one of those meet 3 times in the semester, watch the videos, and take a couple of tests. I was a little disappointed but I did enjoy watching the videos again and the study guide had some interesting articles.
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    The TV documentary was aired back in 1980 and it was amazing...inspired a generation of people to appreciate astronomy (including me).

    The book was also a great introduction to astronomy & modern physics, but perhaps I'm biased toward the TV show because I saw that first. Sagan's manner of speech is unique.

    The information in the book is 20 years old, but still very modern...it just misses out on the recent discoveries (e.g., recent planetary explorations, discovery of an accelerating expansion of the universe, etc.)
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Now that my exams are over, I can read this book at my own pace! :smile:
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    I never read the book, but I'd recommend geting the series on DVD. Although I'd say a good 90+% of the science is still valid, the DVD contains subtitles and short video clips of Sagan at the end of each episode which updates the small bit that has dated. Well worth the (rather large) investment, IMHO. It was the series that prompted me to interest in science. It's a shame kids these days don't have anything like it to watch.
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    Your DVD suggestion is excellence provided I find one at my place(in India). It was hell a trouble finding the book itself so a DVD is far-fetched story. I should be more than happy with the book alone for now :wink: .

    I completely agree with you on this. There is a virtual absence of inspiring television programmes on science.
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    Oh Reshma, didn't notice you're in India.

    Well, for what it's worth, the DVD is NTSC (which I think they use in India, no?) and it's Region 0 which means it will play in any player. So contact CarlSagan.com and get a copy. :tongue2:

    BTW, as far as books go, I'd also highly recommend his "The Demon-Haunted World" and "Billions and Billions."

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    I'd recommend all his books (read 'em all except "Intelligent Life in the Universe").

    A great follow-up to "Cosmos" is "Pale Blue Dot".

    Demon-Haunted World is a must-read.

    "Billions and Billions" was nice...but not his best, IMHO. I think it was something he threw together toward the end of his life as his health was failing.
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