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Costeffective Isothermal air compression

  1. Aug 13, 2012 #1
    I would like to use my vertical wind turbine to compress air on my farm for anything that can be driven by air.A hydro- pneumatic system[Trompe--Arthur's compressor--Taylor's compressor] compresses air isothermally and delivers it cold and dry.Even a "PUMPED SYSTEM"[Berghmans and Ahrens 1978.Canadian water resources journal Vol 6] has an efficiency of more than 80%.I would have to use such a system since there is no running water on my property,and build a high tower structure ,or drill a deep hole to make it work. The initial cost would be quite high.Perhaps a member of the forum knows a bit more about air compression then I do ,and suggest a differend way to get cheap air.
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