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Cough syrup scam?

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    Is it true that there is no effective cough syrup in the market. A Med school says that none has been proven to really cure cough.
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    Cough syrup doesn't claim to cure cough (at least none I've seen), it temporarily relieves it.

    Some cough syrup helps break up and expel mucus and doesn't try to stop the cough. It depends on what you need/want.
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    Yah i've never heard of a cough syrup that says it will stop your coughing like some sort of cure.
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    I think you misheard. Some cough syrups do work. the only thing I've heard about cough syrup facts is that cough syrup doesn't work by coating your throat so it is okay to have a drink of water after you take some. I never was allowed to when I was little, and I hate the taste of cough syrup.
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    I've had cough syrups actually work. They also dilate my pupils and give me cold shivers. :yuck: That's why I prefer the suppresants - things with menthol or pectin in them.
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