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Could dark matter be error in GR or temporal effect

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    could dark matter simply be an error in general relativity or the effect of temporal effects on orbits, ie time is slower the nearer the sun, so the earth rotates slower on the sun side, and so is pivotted towards the sun(or does this explain gravity only, or maybe the reason objects dont slow down spinning as quick as they should)-not much seems to be made of the effect of non uniform time across objects & it must have some effect, such as causing spin, stretching & garvitational looking effects
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    The idea of the existence of dark matter comes from observations of gravitational effects at the level of galaxies and galactic clusters. For the solar system, general relativity works very well with the stuff we know about - sun, planets, etc. Even Newton's theory is quite good. The Apollo program used Newton's gravity not GR.
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    Jim, the results of observing objects in-line and out-of-line with gravitational fields is well documented and consistent with GR predictions. You can safely let go of that hypothesis.
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