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Could entanglement be a universal self-consistency law?

  1. Jul 16, 2008 #1
    Could "entanglement" be a universal self-consistency law?

    Firstly i encourage anyone with alot of knowledge about the physics of qm "entanglement" to help me out here if i get into difficulties :smile:

    I've been thinking alot about what might be the practical applications of the entanglement phenomenom and was hoping to hear the thoughts of others.

    Is it possible that entanglement is purely a natural law attached to qm in order for reality to appear objectively at the macroscopic level? For instance Einstein half-joked that he did not believe the moon dissapeared when he was not looking at it. However if entanglement occurs instantaneously at a speed far superior to c, then all universal decoherence/wave collapse would occur far faster than the human eye , or any biologically evolved sensory devices could detect it.

    Any thoughts on that?
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