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Could GUT, gauge symmetries theoretical artifact?

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    the conventional HEP-view is that low energy SM represents a "broken" symmetry from a larger symmetry that is realized at higher energies. I.e U(1)*SU(2) is broken below 200 GEV, restored above 200GEV. Between 200GEV and 10^15GEV electroweak and strong symmetry is broken, above 10^15GEV, it is restored as a larger symmetry i.e SU(5), SUSY-SU(5), SO(10), and at even higher energies, gravity.

    Taking a page from Volvovik, is it possible this picture is completely wrong in a manner analogous to He3 superfluid--at low energies, there exist certain emergent properties that at higher temperatures, become completely lost. When He3 is heated above the supercritical temperature of 2K, the larger symmetry is not restored, but completely disappears and a phase shift occurs and completely new physics applies.

    So at higher temperatures, esp close to the big bang, there is a phase shift, and completely new types of physics applies, and not simply a restoration of GUT like symmetries?
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