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Could Have The Smartest Dinosaurs

  1. Mar 17, 2005 #1
    Evolved into a more intelligent dinosaur, obtaining human-like intelligence?

    And if us humans had suddenly got extinct, which evolutionary lineage do you think would have the best chance of taking our place, obtaining our kind of intelligence and dominating the planet.
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    Troodontids had the largest brain-to-body ratio, they are believed to have been as intelligent as modern-day birds. And we need to consider several factors...if over time the brain to body ratio became less, they would still half to over come not having workable hands, which seems to make a difference when it comes to the evolution of humans.
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    Yeah, they had some flaws that would go against them evolving with human-like intelligence...like no opposable thumbs.

    "And if us humans had suddenly got extinct, which evolutionary lineage do you think would have the best chance of taking our place, obtaining our kind of intelligence and dominating the planet." - How about this question?
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    Dating from the late Paleocene age..my answer would be Rodents. With there ability to reproduce quickly and their problem solving ability. Of course humans evolved because of human needs. I'm pretty certain rodents {or any other species} would not develope human needs. But you never know..its a strange world indeed.
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    Werent we similar to rodents once, way back when the dino's dominated the planet.
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    http://http://scienceweek.com/2004/sb040813-1.htm [Broken]
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    I thought we already knew that rats are secretly using us as an organic computer.
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    hypaia- Your link won't work for me.

    thecolour11- What? could you explain yourself and provide references?
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    ahhh rats! it was just data on the rat/human genome studies
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    http://snowball.frogspace.net/labnotes/wd_plans.html [Broken]
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    But yeah, werent we similar to rodents once?
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    Can we be sure that there were no intelligent dinosaurs? If dinosaurs had a civilization, would any artifacts from that civilization have survived until today?
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    Small chance that they were intelligent from evidence gathered.
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    We make a lot out of our technological "advances", what if it were better for the planet, and web of life if reptilians had remained the predominant life form, and we didn't evolve? They were cold blooded and would have had to stay where the climate suited them, and would have possibly been easier on the planetary system of life than we are. Intellect can be different than we define it. What if Whales and Dolphins are the supreme life form, possibly Elephants, even now? I imagine the Whales and Dolphins to be very special creatures, seemingly telepathic, ecstatic, earth friendly. With the exception of our interference, sonar, and poisoning of the oceans, maybe their lives are innately better than ours. They certainly have little ability to do harm, but seemingly live lives of long pleasant associations, lots of travel, close knit societies. Same with the Elephants; they have communication skills that are miraculous, and families and bonds that are very strong.
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    What I am saying has less to do with species self harm, than planetary harm. Considering the whole system, the dolphin is less harmful than the human.
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    What could have survived, particularly if they didn't have styrofoam?
    Even much of the landscape has changed significantly since their era.
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    Dinosaurs were not intelligent, their brains were much to small, they had no working hands in the way we do, what could they do? they had large teeth and claws for a reason, they evolved or were made to kill and destruct, not to make things with their fingers. Do you really think elephants and dolphins are smarter or as smart as humans, or even come anywhere near? do you realize how smart we are? do you think an elephant or a dolphin can sit there and be conscience of it's conscience? if you meant friendly to the earths environment then yeah, but what did their intellegence have to do with it. but that is a very nice question indeed... in fact some ufologist have even speculated that the UFO's we see are from another dimension of our Earth that are time traveling and finding that we have evolved here.
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    Much of the same could be said about humans for the vast majority of time that we have resided on this planet and indeed abotu some human populations today. It's only relatively recently, industrial era and all, that most of us got a little (or a lot) too greedy and used our intellect to bend nature and the earth to our will and potentially to our downfall.
  21. Apr 9, 2005 #20
    Well some dino experts suggest that as the dino species were thinning out very near their extinction, the dino's that did survive were way more intelligent than their ancestors so maybe if some survived the extinction event this would have triggered an intelligence boost as it did to us and there would be dino's walking around with cellphones and stuff. Or maybe if the extinction event didnt happen till later on when some dino's were actually more intelligent than the dino's that actually died out these smart dino's would reduce the damage (as our ancestors did) there wouldnt be humans walking around right now, but dino's. What I am trying to say is that maybe dino's were closer to the path to intelligence than we thought, they were becoming more and more intelligent.
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