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Could I be a physicist?

  1. May 27, 2017 #1
    I've always had a curiosity about the world around us and how it works and then my dad sort of introduced me to cosmology, astrophysics and just physics in general I guess. Since then I've always had a distant dream of becoming a physicist (or astronaut :P). I'm 15 now and I get mostly Bs in Science at school (I'm a girl if that makes any difference). I don't know if I'm smart enough to be a physicist but I'm definitely interested in Physics.
    I was wondering if I could make my dream come true, if so, how hard would I have to work and would it be worth it as I've read that scientists in general don't get paid very much. Thanks :D
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    Yes, if you get B's in school then you are almost certainly smart enough to be a physicist. The ability to put in hard work is more important than raw grades in my opinion. People who put in the necessary work usually have grades that reflect that.

    You'll need to put in lots of work. Lots of work. But it's worth it. Understanding how the universe works is extremely rewarding to many people.

    As for pay, that varies greatly. My undergrad Physics instructor got paid very well when he worked for Raytheon.
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