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Could i build a electron gun.

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    Im 15 from the U.K and i want to do something with my life. So i jumped to the conclusion of building something, i didnt want something like a cyclotron, but i wanted to start of with something easier such as a electron my goal is to try and build an electron gun. I want to try and make this electron gun safe but also renewable such as with chemicals such has magnesium hydroxide i want to use magnesium hydroxide because it can be used to make pure hydrogen. and i was going to use a beryllium sheet to create electrons (from smashing the hydrogen into the beryllium) i was going to control the flow of electrons by using a sheet of lead to stop the hydrogen from hitting the Beryllium. I would really appreciate some advice with this and hopefully some constructive criticism. Thanks jack
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    Why do you want to use hydrogen and beryllium (nasty, poisonous element) to get electrons? Take a wire, heat it.
    It is possible to build small electron accelerators at home.
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    I want to do this because it is more challenging than heating a wirebut thanks for the comment.
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    How would you make pure hydrogen from this substance?

    How would you accelerate hydrogen to bombard beryllium? Why does it need to be beryllium? Do you know it is toxic?
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    . If you heat magnesium hydroxide then you get some HCL it makes pure hydrogen and my physics teacher said if you bombard hydrogen into beryllium then it creates electrons but he also said that it can make some of the electrons e- meaning they turn radioactive that is why I have the lead shielding to stop the process just incase something happens as for the hydrogen acceleration (correct me if I'm wrong) but when you heat atoms such as hydrogen they vibrate and speed up more but if you have a better suggestion I'm all ears :) I have drawn a quick sketch so I can see what il need etc thanks for the response Jack.
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    I await for this thread to be locked

    this method of experimentation is extremely dangerous!!!

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    It is locked now.

    OP: You are about to do some stuff that has dangerous elements to it. Ignorance may be bliss, but it can also be deadly. I would strongly suggest you find another project to do.

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