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Could I have an email interview?

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    I'm in need of an interview with anyone filling the job description of a physicist. Just a few basic questions about the education required for the job, characteristics of people in the job, the type of work done, availability of jobs in the field, etc. Anyone with a degree in physics and an understanding of the current trends/employability in the field would do...
    The interview would be a few questions over email that could be answered in maybe 15 minutes. It wouldn't be published or read in front of a billion people or anything of that sort; it's just for a small school project. Gather a bit of first-hand information, and get a nice-looking primary source in the works-cited list, that sort of thing.
    If anyone here could help me out I'd be very grateful. If you think you think you can spare a few minutes for me please reply, or just drop me an email at obi dot wonton at gmail dot com.
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    My Dad is a physicist. You can contact him at b_r_sitaram@hotmail.com
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