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Could matter and matter waves be derivable?

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    Two EM waves, one propagating outwardly and one inwardly to a sink. Sounds like they're constructing anequivalent to advanced and retarded waves. Not exactly codswallop but not really too exciting either, for me.
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    Interesting feedback complexities - the matrix re-gilded?

    The hypothesized spherical-mirror-like communication between 'particles'
    seems to provide an interesting environment for information processing and signal broadcast/echo(n)-rebroadcast feedbacks.

    Note that integrated echo(n)-rebroadcast feedbacks would occur mutually between all particles in the set in a very complex (and parallell-processor-powerful) feedback system of echoing and re-echoing waves.

    It seems to suddenly open up the possibility the universe might be composed from a set of information processing elements, and simultaneously offer a powerful, maybe novel form of CPU design. (Have u noticed things are getting faster slower recently?).

    FYI, it is possible to store information in a signal (send it to the moon and back, then detect, re-amplify and re-transmit (rewrite). Delay-lines were used as an early form of computer memory. Thus the system has memory as well as processing capability.

    How would the expansion of the universe affect the ever-changing wave-profile of the whole 'organism' as it elaborated over time? Is the feedback processing likely to be at least partyl non-linear? Determinate or non-determinate?
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