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Could Other Universes

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    Could Other Universes....

    Fine-tune their own inhabitants?, just like our universe fine-tuned us? I agree that life-bearing universes would be unlikely but there still should be ALOT of them

    I mean most people say any change in the laws, even a tweak would make life impossible but they forget that "state" they orginially thought impossible to breed life in could fine-tune its own inhabitants?...of course there would be the "extreme" universes that would dissappear in a second or be dead the whole time it existed
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    What you need would be
    1. A source of free energy, that is energy with a lower entropy than its surroundings.
    2. Some way to sequester that free energy into a sufficiently local neighborhood that it could be tapped to support realtively increased order, relative to the surroundings; that is apart of its low entropy state could be transferred and expressed differently by the "organism" as we might call the sequestering neighborhood.
    3. Some way for such a neighborhood to create new neighborhoods with the same ability to tap free energy where found.

    That, I believe is it. If not life, such an organism would at least be prelife, and it's power to reproduce would eventually produce evoution.

    Property 1 is known as "food", 2. is known as "metabolism", and 3. is known as "reproduction". Notice that I didn't say chemistry or physics or anything beyond the definetion of free energy.
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    Yeah, and if there were other universes there should be alot of universes having those three requirements but the "dead" ones would still surely outnumber them.
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    Surely there would be alot that do have life in them...
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