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Could scalar waves do this-allow me this question for physicists and meteorologists

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    Like I said I need physicists and meteorologists
    Could scalar waves be cause of:
    Artificially cause volcanoes' eruptions(because scalar waves can easily penetrate thru Earth's core,some people think that was the cause ST. Helen's volcano erupted-true or false)
    To artificially cause earthquakes
    Destroy hurricane(Some people think hurricane Ivan was destroyed by scalar waves
    Make or cause hurricane
    Mind control(well they say you could use bioregulators and neurotransmitters that actually can duplicate chemical processes in the brain-true or false?)

    And do scalar waves exist at all,if they do exist can they do any effect or control over weather,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions?
    If they don't would this be possible in the close or distant future?
    I mean Russians and Americans(HAARP) didn't stop using these scalar waves,is there a possibility they are trying to affect the weather,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and how successful they have been by now?
    I know they use this for military,but the real question what's going on?
    It's hard to say,although I'm extremely sceptical-I wasn't sure if I should go on physics forum with this post.
    Any thoughts from physicists and meteorologists?
    Any thoughts at all?
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    Also,as far as I know scalar waves are coming from the zero-point energy,and would give us free energy.Physicists think that's crap,what do you think?
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    I encourage you to browse http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/'s website.

    The things you are asking about have no basis in reality. They are paranoid conspiracy theory of the highest quality.

    I seem to remember someone posting in here that there is such a thing as a "scalar wave", but I can't remember what exactly it is - regardless, it has nothing to do with how crackpots and conspiracy theorists are using the term.
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    hey i find this subject very interesting. ive tried to build a scalar beamer based on bedini's model.

    heres some info on it. i made it to those specifications but it didnt do anything except my hand began to hurt a little after i placed it next to the magnets like a pulsating sharp pain. this may have had nothing to do with the experiment though. i bought weak ceramic magnets at radio shack and my magnetic wire was very thin and not very long so i couldnt wind it around the magnets many times. just an hour ago one of my new neodymium magnets snapped in half that i was going to use to try to make a new scalar beamer :(.

    on the second link it says they used a xenon flashtube but i dont know where i can get one of those or what its purpose is. maybe one of you science masters know :P

    edit: oh and yes this is probably some crackpot idea that does nothing, but its simple to make and doesnt cost much at all so if you wana make one try it and post your results
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    xenon flashtube are used in airplain lights,signal beacons and disco lights. My son also has them on his motorcycle as turn signals. A lighting store can order them for you, or check on line. It should run you around 20 dollars, but may depend on the rate of flash you need.
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    I think that what is meant by scaler EM waves is that they are generated by voltage changes rather than current movement, in the simple case.

    They are, I believe, usually described in terms of the (Phi,A1,A2,A3) potential rather then the E and B fields. Often a fourth scalar aspect of the A potential is added in.

    Some proponents also would see anti-gravity effects as of these types.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sounds like McScience to me! :biggrin:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't see any good references.
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    That was my point, unless by good references you mean something that explains what they're supposed to be.
    This page:
    Scalar Wave Detector
    Address:http://www.cheniere.org/books/starwarsnow/scalardetector.htm Changed:7:12 PM on Friday, July 6, 2001
    Starts off by explaining how they're undetectable under normal circumstances, being longitudinal photons (or something.)
    So, it seems they are basically a rumor that fringe people are exited about without anyone having even defined what they're supposed to be, just that they hold the potential for free energy and destructive power, etc.
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    Yes,I know all conspiracy theories are total crap,but I only wanted to have evidences to support it.I think whoever writes these conspiracies wants to make some money on MAKING PEOPLE getting feared.I think America and Americans,should stop reading these craps as well believe in them.i think government likes to create fear and violence between people,because they make money on these things.
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