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Could someone help me please?

  1. Nov 14, 2005 #1
    Could someone check my work? I need to write out the net ionic equation, when applicable.

    Diphosphourous trioxide gas is bubbled into water.
    My answer:
    P_2 O_3 + 3H_2 O ------> 2H_3 PO_3

    A solution of sodium hydroxide is added to nitric acid.
    Na(OH) + HNO_3 -------> HOH + NANO_3

    For the second, could someone help balance and write out net ionic equation?
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    #1 is acceptable, but note that it has been found that the correct formula for phosphoruous anhydride is actually P4O6, not P2O3 (sames goes with phosphoric anhydride which should be P4O10, even though it is often still called by its older name phosphorous pentoxide, P2O5)

    2) You've already got it balanced:

    NaOH + HNO3 --> NaNO3 + H2O

    Break everything into ions:

    Na+ + OH- + H+ + NO3- --> Na+ + NO3- + H2O

    Cancel out same species:

    H+ + OH- --> H2O

    Note: The above net ionic equation applies to any acid-base neutralization.
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