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Homework Help: Could someone help

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    A 26.5 kg chandelier hangs from a ceiling on a vertical 4.11 m long wire. What horizontal force would be necessary to displace its position 0.100 m to one side?
    I know that the tension on the wire would be 260 N but I still can't figure out the force need to displace it .100
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    Static equilibrium : Could you proceed with this?

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    I tried but I'm still just as stuck as before.
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    Because the object is in static equilibrium, the net force acting on it in any direction will be zero. Let's take the horizontal x-component. Left direction: Negative. Right direction positive.
    &Newton\ 2nd\ Law:\\
    &F+(-Tcos\ \theta) = 0\\
    &Vertical\ y\ component:\\
    &Upward\ direction:\ positive;\ Downward:\ Negative\\
    &Tsin\ \theta+(-mg)=0\\
    &\theta\ is\ the\ acute\ angle\ between\ T\ and\ the\ horizontal.\\
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