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Homework Help: Could someone please help ?

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    Could someone please help....?

    Hi, this is my first time on the site, so tell me if i am stepping on any toes....
    Can someone help me get to the answer here, i really need to understand how to do this, but i am having trouble even getting started, before i give the problem, i do understand equilibrium and vector components, just not when pulley's and springs are added in...
    Out of Vector Mechanics for Engineers (Statics) Seventh Edition by Beer and Johnston, it is Chapter 2's question # 71, where a load Q is applied to a pulley C, which can roll an another pulley's line.....etc etc,
    any hints....?
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    I am sorry, but do you really suppose that everyone has a copy of this particular text at hand?

    Please post the problem in its entirety. ect simply does not tell us enough.
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