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Could someone please put this metric into some software?

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    Could someone please plug the line element for the Godel metric (seen on the above wiki page) into some software to see what comes out for the Einstein tensor in a coordinate basis (preferably the covariant version rather than the contravariant version or mixed tensor version)? I ask this because I want to check my own work for accuracy, but I can not find anywhere online that showcases the covariant form of the Einstein tensor of the Godel metric in Cartesian coordinates. Here is what I got for my Einstein tensor Gμν:

    G00 , G11 , and G22 all equal 1/2
    G03 and G30 = ex / 2
    G33= (3/4) e2x

    Everything else was 0.

    In the case that I made some mistake early on, here was my metric tensor gμν:

    g00= -1 / (2ω2)

    g11 and g22 = 1 / (2ω2)

    g03 and g30 = -ex / (2ω2)

    g33 = -e2x / (4ω2)

    everything else was 0.

    Now that I've given you my metric and Einstein tensors, can someone plug the line element on the wiki into some software and report the Einstein tensor that it returns. Please keep in mind that these calculations are in a coordinate basis and not an orthonormal. When I tried to convert to an orthonormal basis, I ended up getting some rather strange results.

    P.S. I am fine if the software returns the contravariant or mixed tensor variant of the Einstein tensor because I can always just raise some indices, but I would prefer if the answer I got back was covariant.

    Thank you.
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    I have this set up already and the Einstein tensor that Maxima (ctensor) gets is the same as yours.
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