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Could spacetime be flat?

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    If someone were to remove all of the gravitational influences on a portion of space would that essentially make that portion of spacetime flat? (Just curious):tongue2:
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    Yes it would be flat. However it is impossible to remove all influence of gravity because gravity has no bounds.
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    Well of couse i am speaking in theoretical terms
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    Always curvature, and always mass. In other words, both sides of Einstein eq. The cover of MTW is wrong also. Idealized Minkowski manifold is a tangent space to pseudo Reimannian manifold. Also try to define mass in Minkowski spacetime manifold; some modes are at infiniity.
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    Even though you can imagine and even work with the Minkowski space-time, it is limited by the size of the universe which is finite. It occupies the space of about R=c*T where c is the light speed and T is the time since the big bang. there is no sense to speak of space where the matter or light has not reached yet.

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