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Could Spacetime Foam

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    Produce new universes, since it is producing virtual particles/pairs they say that some particles (rare rare occasion) might live long enough to inflate into a full grown universe. What do you think of the theory that our universe was just a vacuum fluctuation, is it plausible?


    Do you agree with what it says in the link?
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    To my way of thinking the continuum did not spawn a perfect child at
    the first event, the one we are existing in may be unique, but not
    singular in time, but we have no way of knowing of earlier events AFAIK
    so to us we are the only babe.
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    Of course there would be tons of dead universes that collapsed right after it inflated.

    And the best chance of there being a virtual particle inflate into a real universe is when this universe has suffered the heat death.
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