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Could this world be a Matrix ?

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    Could be or Couldn't be ?

    There is a MATRIX outside this universe that Programs everthing in it, decide the destiny of everyone of us...........possible ?
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    From the URLAT, http://www.probablefuture.com/matrix.htm ...

    Oh my God! ... Is that you Lifegazer!?
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    I don't understand, please explain more.

    If our thought is not real, how can it knows it is not real?
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    Actually it's pretty deep stuff. Am not sure that I can elaborate on it, except that it's saying the only reality which "is real" is thought itself.
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    Yeah, yeah, I'm the programmer who set it all up. Ya'll are just bugs in the system I have yet to work out. Stop making a fuss or I'll have to reboot!
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    It not only could be, but this world IS a Matrix.
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    i am not agree .....the world is nature...not matrix
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    Just what you would expect someone who believes the matrix is real to say.
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    Matrix means mother.

    You can hang on to mom's apron for the duration of your life...

    or, you can let go.

    Entirely up to you.

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    OK, lets assume that this world is in a matrix, and we are all imprisoned by artificial intellingence. Now, in a couple of decades, we (menaing the inhabitants of the matrix) are going to create AI of our own, and the robots, without knowing that they are already in a matrix, will imprison mankind and will create a new matrix within the existing one, and we will be living in a matrix that is within a matirx. The pattern will repeat and end up being infinitely recursive, and the original matrix will need to have one heck of a processor to process the infinity number of nested matricies in real time.

    Now, is it possible to have a processor with infinitely fast processing capabilities? Either the matrix will crash or there is no matrix to begin with.
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    Yeah, its theoretically possible. It's called a Quantum Computer and its processessing power is the factorial of the number of Qubits it can handle simultaneously. If anyone has a full scale QC today they aren't admitting it, but one of the more interesting aspects of such a computer is that it just might even spout the answers before you are finished in putting the questions. In other words, it is possibly an even more bizzare idea than an infinite regression of Matrices.
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    wuli, if you're the programmer I wan'na be the virus !
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    Prove it, Mr Anderson!

    I think there is a simple test for whether something is the matrix or not - creativity. For all it's complexity, the matrix was a mere copy of something that was created in the real world. I will hereby postulate that true randomness, and hence true creativity is something that must exist in the first world, the real world. A world which does create cannot be the first, but can only be an effect of the first. So, are our thoughts really creative? I don't think so - so our mind cannot be the reality, only a part of reality or it's effect. But is what we accept as the real world creative itself?
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    I'm confused.
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    From what I understand, people trapped in the matrix are still able to use their brain and be creative, since your brain is hooked up to the computer. There are still artists and musicians in the matrix who play music and create works of art?
    Either that or I just badly misunderstood you post. Would you please expand on it?
  17. May 28, 2003 #16

    I agree with the processing power bit. What is the reason for spouting the answers before asking the question?

    I thought that you would have to observe the state to answer the question? .. which you could not do before asking the question.
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    Er.. let me reformat this a bit.

    What I mean is that the world of the matrix is a world that is just a copy of the "real world", as it was. The matrix could not create itself, but was created by another world. I mean that as a sort of variation of the Primal Cause argument, that illusionary worlds can only be effects, not the first cause in themselves, they must be created by a creator with an element somewhere else that is independently real. The "world" is not creative - the only creation, the new data in the world comes from the people in it, who are elements from the outer reality of the real world.
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    During the time of Jesus, there were many Judeo-cults on the rise. The time seemed right for a savior to arise, and there were many who claimed to be the son of God. Among these cults were various Gnostic groups which assertained that the universe was just a cesspool that the gods would piss and **** into every once in a while.

    Since this time, there have been many variations on the idea that our entire universe is just an entity contained within a larger system. In the early years of modern physics, some people philosophied that universe might be an atom within another universe. Now, people have explored the Matrix idea which, due to the recent uprise of computer and internet usage, makes for popular contemporary science fiction.

    I think there is a bigger question you should be asking yourself....

    Is it really turtles all the way down?

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    of course it is possible, but there is no way for us to find out therefore making a very strong case for the old Occam's Razor.
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    Re: Re: Could this world be a Matrix ?

    Sure there is. Just take the blue pill. (or was it the red one?)
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