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Could use some help!

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    I'm taking a correspondence course to upgrade my marks for admission to a program.. and since its all teach yourself, I'm having some trouble on this particular question:

    Write an equation in factored form for the family of functions having non-repeated zeros at 3, 0, -9 +4i and -9-4i


    write in factored form, the equation of a specific member of this family of functions.

    Keep in mind guys that I'm not trying to do my homework on here, I just could really use some help!
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    I'll give u the general formula
    [tex] y(x)=a(x-x_{1})(x-x_{2})(x-x_{3})(x-x_{4}) [/tex]
    ,where "a" is a parameter (the one that gives the idea of 'family of functions'),and [itex]x_{i}[/itex] are the roots of the polynomial 'y',else,the zero-s of the function 'y'.

    It's good if [itex] a\neq 0[/itex].

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    Thank you! Thank you!
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