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Could we ever be Time Lords?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Apocalipsis 12:12
    Mathew 24:22
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    Mentor suggestion

    No religion posting please. Everyone to his own apocalypse.
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    Suggestion to the one who suggests: please eliminate every single word about religion, God, philosophy in this forum INSTEAD OF PAYING TOO MUCH ATENTION TO MY POSTINGS! The references are all over the place and you wouldn't want me to make reference to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM TO MAKE CLEAR MY POINT and you're unbalanced interested in me, wouldn't you? You're flattering me with that affection.
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    time travel....the modern day alchemy

    We cannot travel into time, I am sorry to say. To be able to travel into time, you would have to be able to enter time...to be fully engulfed by it, and travel through it. The problem with this is, time is very much so intangable. Time itsself is a concept that man devised to be able to track the positioning of the sun in the sky during the day and the moon at night. It was MAN who declares the units of time and the length of those units. Time is our way of coping with the daily changes of the Earth's patterns. so, to travel through something that is just a concept, is impossable.
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    ofcourse we could be time lords.all we need to do is bend our minds and look things differently.get it?
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    The Mercaba is supposed to be a time/dimensional travel vehicle

    Where the heck did that comment come from??????

    On the Art Bell radio show, "Coast to coast AM" a fellow has been on who sells time machines. George Norry went on one and said a few interesting things: He wasn't sure if it worked or he was just hallucinating. Prayer to God and such is important because some aliens don't like us humans doing it (with good reason, look how unbalanced we are!). It was said to be 2 concentric spinning spheres. Not that unlike the TV show a few years ago where a sphere was used.

    The fellow selling the time machine said that people can do it without the machine if they knew what they were doing. It synced in my mind and I pulled out a book describing a Mercaba, which was visualizing one's external chakra points, basically making an up pyramid around you and a down one around you, you're sitting in the middle of a star-of-david type of shape, and you can time and dimensional travel. I put the instructions including Davinci's image so it is rather scientific - even if mystical / magical / silly some scientists would say, on about the third page of: http://www.Givnology.com/karmiccleansing.htm [Broken] the Mercaba is shown.

    Personally to the question of "Could we ever be Time Lords" I think the question is silly because 1) what we do you mean? 2) do you mean we could be Dr. Whos? 3) would we want morons being Time Lords? You really need to clean up your question. Is time travel possible, now, in the future, anytime ever, should it be, who should be able to if it is, how can we be best prepared if it is, how can it be used to help, isn't it wonderful the extent we can - see my examples below - and your question is an example, as we all join your idea and think about doing it, we do it in a sense, eh? I would love to see the question in proper form! Thanks. :smile:

    As a songwriter, and also a meditator, there are ways that I "time travel," but it is the old fashioned sensing a timeless truth kind of thing. What we compose - written or sung or played - these all "time capsulate" feelings and thoughts and later we can read them and well, "be there" wherever and whenever it was written or recorded. I could go on about simple time travel situations but the point is what type of time travel are we talking about anyway.

    I'd rather see "Time Liberators" than "Time Lords," or even Time Angels or Time Friends or Time Healers. What we project and think about comes to pass buddies, there is the time travel lesson for you, project what is best for all and watch it appear! he he..

    Love n light, Teo :smile: :smile:
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