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Could Wolverine cut Superman?

  1. May 23, 2017 #1
    After hearing an argument on the cutting power of Wolverine, I began to wonder "could Wolverine cut, and possibly kill, Superman?" Wolverine has one of the sharpest, and strongest, cutting implements in the Marvel universe, so could he hurt the Man of Steel?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Who's stronger, Superman or the Hulk?

    Who'd win a battle between the USS Enterprise and the Death Star?
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    Considering adamantium is a fictional element, I'd guess its interaction with a real alloy can't be conclusively stated. However, I would point out that while Superman is referred to as the "Man of Steel" he's not actually made of steel; he's a Kryptonian being whose abilities can give an illusion of such strength. In particular, he draws strength from the sun and is weak to kryptonite. How will adamantium interact with his body inside the sun? How about on earth with Superman chained to a big block of kryptonite? My guess is these are two very different answers.

    BTW Vanadium, the Enterprise would toast the Death Star. If one X-wing with its targeting computer off can do it, the Enterprise would easily be able to drop a few photon torpedoes down that thermal exhaust port.

    I have no idea who's stronger, Superman or Hulk
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    Why don't you look through the comics, films etc. and see if there is an answer to that question. There might not be, you might be able to point out inconsistencies, but at least you would be adding something to the discussion. If you're not interested in doing that that's obviously fine, but then why comment at all?
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    A candy striper with a bomb could have done in the Death Star if she exploited the same weakness. Judo'd it, we did!
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    Vanadium 50

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    Down with levity! Up with gravity!
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    A human being wouldn't be able to survive the trench (it's hard vacuum, so it would at least have to be a candy stripe spacesuit). Also a bomb itself wouldn't do the trick; there has to be a propelled explosive into the port. Garven Dreis hit the port with torpedoes and nothing happened; "negative, negative, it didn't go in, just impacted on the surface."
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    I googled. Wolverine's claws are strong enough to cut into superman. However, because of superman's density, it'd require an insane amount of force to actually cut. Wolverine is a man, he simply wouldn't have that much strength.

    Canon suggests that the Hulk can lift about 100 tons, so superman by a very wide margin.

    And it would depend on which Enterprise. Picard's Enterprise would obliterate the Death Star without much problem. They've said several times something like: We have the technology to destroy this entirely planet, but are so utterly helpless to help [whoever.] Kirk would have the power to destroy the death star too, but probably fall in love with some alien female and screw the whole thing up.
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    Really? :rolleyes: You were joking rather than being snide towards the OPs question?
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    I'm not seeing any problems here.
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    Ok, fair point on density, but Wolverine is a mutant, and he might not be using all three claws. If he uses one claw instead of his usual three, which he has before, the force is no longer 33% in each claw, but 100% in one claw.
  13. May 26, 2017 #12


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    I believe that your logic is sound (provided the writers agree with you) and then Logan would be able to lop off Superman's head. :eek: End of fight! :H Actually, if the metal that makes up Logan's skeleton has any properties similar to Kryptonite, it is possible that Logan might be able to slice and dice Superman like butter. But this really depends upon how Superman's body reacts to Logan's metal blades. These blades are a special metal that Superman hasn't encountered before (kind of like how copper and silver are similar metals aside from color). The metal could actually be an alloy of Kryptonite and some other metal to achieve all of the indestructible properties his metal skeleton possesses. Being an alloy, Superman wouldn't even notice he was in trouble until he was being hacked up. Should they ever meet, I bet this bit of information would then be revealed!
    However, if I was forced to bet on it, I'd bet Superman.o_O
  14. May 26, 2017 #13
    Samurai swords aren't used like axes. Like a cavalry sabre they're for cutting, not chopping. Wolvie's blades are used similarly, from what I've seen, plus the stabbing motion, of course.
  15. May 30, 2017 #14
    Superman gets my vote. We've seen Magneto elastically deform Wolverines claws with ease, and lift the Golden Gate bridge with some effort. As others have stated, I doubt Wolverine could apply the levels of force required to cut Superman, or that his claws would withstand them.

    I feel like I should mention that this would not hold for all of Superman's incarnations. His power does have a habit of fluctuating from writer to writer.

    Interestingly, I feel differently about Death Star vs Enterprise from others here, and for the same reason. DC and Star Wars add a lot more zeros on to the end of all the power and speed stats.
  16. Jun 1, 2017 #15
    Kryptonite coated blades on Wolverine gets my vote.
  17. Jun 2, 2017 #16


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    Sorry, Wolverine isn't in the same league as Superman. Wolverine's skeleton would rip off his muscles before he put a dent in Superman.
  18. Jun 5, 2017 #17
    How about Hulk using Wolverine to cut Superman?
  19. Jul 26, 2017 #18
    If the Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets surely he'd eventually get stronger than Superman? He'd probably get quite pissed when Superman was out lifting him at the start and get well angered, his strength would be phenomenal, lol.
  20. Jul 26, 2017 #19
    I guess Ruffalo got tired of not having many lines. In the Ragnarok movie he's been Hulk for two years and now can speak. This means we can ask him.
  21. Jul 26, 2017 #20
    Unless the amount of required anger overloads his nervous system or causes a heart attack (assuming the Hulk has a nervous system and heart)
  22. Jul 26, 2017 #21
    He also had his head cut off at one point.
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