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Could you be charged for this?

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    If the police had been called and he stayed, could he have been convicted of anything?
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    I doubt it. He hasn't actually done anything wrong. Those people were scared on there own accord.
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    There are laws against disturbing the peace though, which this could fall under.

    These are some HILARIOUS reactions though. I love it.
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    Too bad Chasers War on Everything has finished.
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    I am pretty sure there are laws against 'pretending' to rob a place. Depending on the wording he could be charged under the same law. In essence he intentionally made these people believe they were being robbed.

    I think at least some of it may have been faked though. I can't imagine so many people freaking out like that just because some weirdo walks in with a stalking on his head. Since they're in england the likelihood that he would have had a gun was pretty slim too.
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    Don't try this at home guys. My wife just flattened me with a baseball bat and called 911 with the other hand.
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    Ah no. Australia.
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    Most places have laws against faking a crime. That vid is funny but that guy is stupid. He might get shot and if he did, his shooter would most likely be acquitted.
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    Can you really not tell an English accent and an Australian accent apart?
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    He wasn't faking a crime or pretending anything. He was taking advantage of the absurdity of their reactions by exploiting their fears. The worst he has done is disturb the peace by not conforming socially.

    I would think the guy following him around with a camera would be something of a giveaway to his prank.
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    Hahaha! No, they're in Australia which, as you probably know, is in Central Europe.
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    Fears of what? A crime?
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    Yeah, he really is. Wearing a stocking over one's head is only done by criminals. He might be telling people in the video he does it because its cold and he likes the look, but that doesn't make it true.

    It would be a better experiment* if he wore a ski mask, but if it really were cold outside, he might not get the same reaction. And that just wouldn't make for good TV.

    *It's not an experiment, it's just a TV stunt.
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    Oops. I wasn't paying too close of attention.
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    Can you tell an American accent from a Canadian one? Be honest; I'll test you.
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    Depends where in America. But anyway, that's unfair since the American and Canadian accent are way closer to each other than the British and Australian. The equivalent question would be can you tell an Australian from a New Zealand accent.
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    Not to most American ears. See how many think the Geico gecko speaks with an Aussie accent, rather than Cockney as is the actual case.
  19. Aug 2, 2009 #18
    Right, but it doesn't make it false, either. I don't know, it just doesn't seem right to me that one could be convicted of a crime for wearing a stocking over one's head.
  20. Aug 2, 2009 #19
    Look, he could've been convicted, but they have good lawyers working for them. Its like taking a replica gun to a shop, even though it doesn't actually work, its as bad as taking in a real one.
  21. Aug 2, 2009 #20
    What's wrong with taking a gun into a store? My father took his handgun everywhere when he went out. He never got arrested or had people dive out of the way when he went to buy something.
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