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Could you entangle a charmed meson?

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    could you entangle a charm meson?

    Is it possible to entangle and teleport a charm meson?

    I ask this because if you could, it would be travelling faster than light (instantaniously) and if it is travelling faster than light it would have to travel in time, if we could teleport a charm meson since we can observe the time shifts of charm mesons (experiment E687) we could send it through time. could you entangle a charm meson in our time frame that is partially decayed with one in another time frame that is travelling at high speeds?
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    I don't see why a charmonium meson (J/Psi) couldn't in theory be entangled. I don't suppose they know how to do that yet.

    Your comments about "faster than light" show that you don't truly understand the principle of quantum entanglement. I do suggest that you read the threads on EPR and entanglement on this forum, and especially the posts by vanesch and Dr. Chinese, who have a clear picture of how it works and have explained it about as clearly as it can be explained.

    The bottom line is that the connection is just a correlation, not a link, and it cannot be exploited to send information FTL. By "cannot" I mean the theory is against it, not that they just don't know how.
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