Could you help me

Hi:rolleyes: ,
How are you? I am agine, I wanna know something about IC, Do you have web site about all IC design, If you have please help me Cuz I have project about it. I need your help about it. ok if you Could please give me anything can help

I appreciate it:biggrin:


Hi Karim, What part of IC design are you looking into? Do you mean the silicon processes that are used to manufacture monolithic ICs? Or do you want to learn about all the different analog and digital functions that are available in modern ICs? Have you tried googling for this info? That might be your best bet for starters -- google a few specific terms that you are looking for info on, and see what other terms those initial searches turn up. That's how I look for info on technical subjects that I need to learn about.... Then when you have specific questions about what you are finding, that's a good time to ask a specific questions here in the PF.
Hi man,
I really looking for SN74LS03N IC, and I hope to help me to see web site which give us all diagram for all IC. and reall need it, cuz I've many different types for IC.

thanks for all help, I appreciate it


Well, here is what I do a lot when I'm looking for a datasheet:

-- If I know the manufacturer, I'll go to their website and use their search engine to find the part and its datasheet. Like, I'd try guessing that TI still makes the 74LS03, and try:
typing 74ls30 into the search window gets you to:

-- The other way I'll use if I'm not sure of the manufacturer, is to use That's a great website to find pricing and availability for a part (all semiconductors, not just ICs), and get links to distributors that carry the part. Usually Digikey or Mouser will carry the part, and you can use their website to get a link to the datasheet:
Click on Digikey's SN74LS03 link to go to:
Click on Technical/Catalog Info: [Broken]
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Thanks man,
That it is, that what I need it, I appreciate it

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