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Could you please help me what this transformer is doing in dc circuit?

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    Thermoelectric generator induce DC current and I just wants to understand how can a transformer step up DC. If there is something else please make me clear.

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    This chip is complicated, but the essence of your question is easily answered. The pin marked SW is a switch that closes the primary circuit to ground at the circuit's operating frequency, which is typically 10's of kHz to 100 kHz. This creates an AC current in the transformer primary that steps up in voltage to power the rest of the circuit. There is also a "charge pump" consisting of C1 and circuitry in the chip.
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    what a neat little chip
    The datasheet makes a good read

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    Indeed. You can get the datasheet from their LTC3108 product page.

    What I like about it is the output is user programmable using VS1 and VS2 for:
    2.35V, 3.3V, 4.1V, or 5V
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    thanks guys, for your time. I appreciate that.
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