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Could you please tell me their life cycles ? Does anyone of you work

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    Could you please tell me their life cycles ? Does anyone of you work with worms daily ? I am sorry, i mean your research, your job ?

    Thank you very much
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    Are talking about earth worm. Worm is general term for a large group of organism. see http://www.howe.k12.ok.us/~jimaskew/bworm.htm [Broken]

    As far as earth worm goes, there is a http://www.nrs.mcgill.ca/whalen/index.html that works with worm. They are look at the effect of chemicals and enviromental on the worm life cycle. They are also running an experiment to quantify the change done by worm in soil. They are looking at different species also.

    Here some resources
    http://www.bio.miami.edu/dana/160/160S04_14.html [Broken]
    http://www.sidwell.edu/us/science/vlb6/labs/Classification_Lab/Eukarya/Animalia/Annelida/Oligochaeta/ [Broken]
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    I vividly recall that when I was around nine, an elderly neighbor of mine, stalk of grass between his teeth and shovel in his gloved hands, pointed to the ground he had been spading in his yard. "See those two worms, sonny boy? A minute ago them was one worm. Don't worry, though. Both parts, they'll keep living. It's got eyes and a mouth at both ends, see."

    I was a little skeptical of his information, and I guess I still am.
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    I know worms have 2 heads, mouth, eyes, they run in both directions. I feel a little uncomfortable whenever i see them running out from grass,bush after rain, they lengthen as long as they can on the gound, I can see even what is inside their bodies.
    Worms I think are much easier than viruses or any other undergound organisms...
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