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Could you stop a nuke?

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    Could you stop an incoming nuke with an emp? Would it disable the nuke, or just detonate? Or even hav no effect, what would happen? Is there any other way you might stop an incoming nuke?
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    A well thought out nuke could not be stoped by emp. Neutrons run it which are not electfically charged. secondly the best way is to shoot someting at to deflect it F=ma, so that it mises and blows up in the atmosphere. THis is very easily done makes nukes almost not worth it.
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    While true that neutrons are what cause the reaction, one needs a mechanism of bringing the nuclear matter to criticality at the appropriate time (i.e. when to blow up the bomb). I'm not sure how contemporary nuclear warheads are designed, but the detonators seem to have an electrical component to them and hence at least have the potential to be disarmed (or prematurely activated) by a large electromagnetic disturbance.
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    Thread closed for review for obvious reasons...

    EDIT -- thread will remain closed, and will be deleted in a couple of days. Speculation about nuclear weapon design is just that, speculation, which is against the PF rules.
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