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Could you wish me

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    The 7th is Christmas for you?
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    Ah... That's interesting.

    An early Merry Christmas to you then Serbian.matematika.
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    A very merry Christmas to you!
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    Oh thank you, thank you everybody, it is very welcome this time of year when I am suppose to celebrate but I have no one so close to be with:!!)
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    I was planning to wait until Jan. 7, but in advance,

    Сретан Божић и Сретна Нова Година


    Срећан Божић и Срећна Нова Година

    and in honor of the day

    Cвa људскa бићa рaђajу сe слoбoднa и jeднaкa у дoстojaнству и прaвимa. Oнa су oбдaрeнa рaзумoм и свeшћу и трeбa jeдни прeмa другимa дa пoступajу у духу брaтствa!
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    Astronuc, it is so nice from you:blushing:
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    Serbian.matematika, Христос се роди :smile:
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    Chi Meson

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    Merry Christmas to You!

    (Happy Birthday to Meeeee)
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    :biggrin: I'm so happy everyone remembered my Christmas!!:blushing:
    Tonight there is a massive party for Christmas at the Serbian church, lots of Slavic people from Southern Ontario Canada come to this event and we all dance! It will last until Sunday morning.

    Astronuc- ur amazing with your cyrillic font! I just love you!!! :!!)

    *****There will be lots of Vodka tonight!:wink:
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    Now that it actually is the 7th, Merry Christmas! Unlike Astro, I can contain my enthusiasm until the appointed date. :tongue:
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    Мoлим, Српска.Mатематетика

    I hope you didn't overdo it. :cool:
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  15. Jan 8, 2006 #14
    Thank you very much. No, I did not over do it bcs I have classes tomorrow.
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